What Fueled the Origin of Midwest Physical Therapy, LLC

After the first few years in my professional career of physical medicine, I have observed the profound impact healthcare providers can have on an individual’s life.  As a physical therapist, there is no greater reward than seeing the optimist outlook returned to patient’s face when they are no longer in pain and have reached the goals they have set. I consider myself lucky and blessed to have the opportunity to impact a person’s life with something as intimate as their physical health.

My passion for my profession has led me in many ways to challenge myself. I have learned far more from the people I provide treatment to than any person or book could educate. I have also seen first-hand that physical medicine is as much of an art, as it is science. We aim to be the last stop for the overwhelming majority of individuals who are unsatisfied with the current healthcare system, and promise to provide real answers for conditions ranging from acute athletic injuries to chronic, unresolved pain.

When people think of physical therapy, they often think of tedious exercises that they could easily do themselves. I can’t tell you how many times people have told me they have “tried everything”; from PT’s to DC’s and MD’s, to pain medications and so much more with only marginal improvements at best. We strive to not be reduced to these common misconceptions, and instead to provide results that are as impactfull as they are individualized to each person.

Pain medication over dependency, unnecessary surgeries and/or injections and substandard clinical treatments are what fueled the origins of Midwest Physical Therapy, LLC. Clinical inconsistency, “protocolized” treatments, and lack of innovation are what drive us to challenge the status quo everyday. It is Midwest Physical Therapy, LLC’s  goal to fight clinical complacency and provide a unique perspective and approach to produce impactfull health restoration. Don’t be just another number in a large scale cooperation, find the benefit of personalized care with Midwest Physical Therapy, LLC.