Top Minneapolis Bike Paths

Minneapolis is bike-friendly. In 2010, Bicycling Magazine named it the most bike-friendly city in America. The League of American Cyclists designated Minneapolis a gold level and Saint Paul a bronze level as communities that are bicycle friendly. The twin cities, Saint Paul and Minneapolis, are home to several miles of bike boulevards, on-street bike lanes and paths dedicated to biking.

According to Census data, about 4,500 local residents commute to work on bicycles, making the twin cities among the places in America with the highest population of people who commute on bicycles. Furthermore, all the Metro Transit buses feature bike racks to enable cyclists commute easily from one point of the city to another.

The fast-growing bikeway network makes cycling safe and commuting fast. Here are the top bike paths to ride on in Minneapolis:

Top 4 Minneapolis Bike Paths for Cyclists

  1. The Chain of Lakes

The Chain of Lakes is perfect for biking and workouts. Each of the five lakes has two parallel paths, one for biking and the other for walkers and runners. However, the former is more elevated than the path for runners. Enjoy the amazing shoreline or water views as your bike along the Chain of Lakes or stop-by the Tin Fish or Bread & Pickle for great Calhoun or Harriet views.

  1. The Trail on Cedar Lake Region

Traversing the heart of the city, the Cedar Lake Trail runs for 4.5 miles along the old railroad lines with native prairie grass and trees lining it on both sides. Whether you want to bike as a form of exercise or simply enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature outdoors, you’ll enjoy the breathtaking views of the MPLS skyline. If the path is too short, you can easily connect to another trail for prolonged biking.

  1. The Minnehaha Parkway

If you’re bored of biking along lakes and rivers, the Minnehaha Parkway has a new experience in store for you. Running all the way from South Minneapolis to the Minnehaha Falls, start your rides on the winding yet peaceful path that leads into the Parkway. If biking in spring or summer, stop-by the Sea Salt for some great local beer or bites.

Bring your digital camera with you to take some great shots of the picturesque landscape with a creek to share on social media with your friends and loved ones. They’ll want to bike on the Minnehaha Parkway.

  1. The Midtown Greenway

Running from Midtown to Uptown, the Midtown Greenway covers 5.5 miles. With connections to other biking trails, you can choose to ride on just this path or connect to another to prolong your biking adventure. What’s more, the path is plowed in winter, meaning you can get to bike all-year round.

However, walkers, runners, strollers, pups and occasional roller bladers also use this biking trail. Therefore, be more watchful when biking on this path.

Other great bike trails in Minneapolis to look out for include the Victory Memorial Parkway, St. Anthony Parkway and the Lake Minnetonka Trail LRT, among others.

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