Common Neck Pain Symptoms You Need to Know

neck pain symptomsNeck pain can creep up on you at any time. Whether you’re young or old, pain can start in your neck and radiate throughout your whole body. Instead of living your daily life, you’re forced to focus on keeping your neck from hurting.

It’s not fun. Common neck pain symptoms are never enjoyable to deal with. You can take an anti-inflammatory and get some rest, but sometimes the ailment just doesn’t want to stay away. You don’t know what to do.

Common Neck Pain Symptoms You Need to Know

That’s where we come in. The first step to healing a hurting neck is detailing the exact type of neck pain your dealing with. There are a number of common neck pain symptoms and each one requires a different treatment method.

Here are a few of the most common symptoms:

  • Radiating Pain: If your neck pain is radiating from your neck down to your shoulders and back, then we call this radiating neck pain. Often, this type of pain stems from nerve damage somewhere in the neck.
  • Stiff Neck: If your neck is sore and it hurts to move it around too much, then you may be suffering from stiff neck. Stiff neck is one of the more common neck pain causes we see. This can make even moving your neck from side to side excruciatingly painful.
  • General Soreness: A generally sore neck is a bit different from a stiff neck. A sore neck may hurt when your not even moving it, where a stiff neck will typically only be super painful when in motion
  • Headaches: Surprisingly, one of the most common ways neck pain materializes is through headaches. This usually occurs when your neck gets irritated and the nerves in the neck aggravate nerves in your head, too. 
  • Tingling: One of the most common sensations stemming from neck pain involves tingling sensations and slight pain. Most people who feel tingling realize they have an issue. Often, tingling neck pain will radiate down into the shoulder and arms.
  • Trouble Lifting: If you’re having neck pain and a tingling sensation radiates through your arms and into your fingers, you may not be able to pick things up well. While a bit uncommon, this is one of the more serious neck pain symptoms.
  • Sharp Pain: Sharp neck pain is another potentially serious issue. While causes of sharp neck pain can be variable, it’s often located in the bottom of the neck and may feel like something is stabbing you. For many, this type of pain can be the most uncomfortable. Sharp pain often results in a visit to a medical professional.


Neck Pain & Symptoms: Your Go-To Guide

The fact of the matter is there are a number of common neck pain symptoms and they all have different causes. If you’re experiencing any type of neck pain, the absolute best thing to do is speak with a medical professional.

Overall, physical therapy is often a great solution to finding the cause and helping with neck pain treatment.  Learn more about chronic neck pain here.