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  • Response-based Movement Assessment

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At Midwest Physical Therapy in Minneapolis, we specialize in sports medicine that gets results. Our goal is to get you back in the game faster. Our PT clinic offers services to ensure you get back to doing the things you love! Using a unique, non-traditional approach, we get Minneapolis athletes fully recovered and stronger than ever before.

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We know how frustrating a sports injury can be. As therapists, we are also athletes that understand this frustration! That’s one of the many reasons we got into sports medicine in Minneapolis. As such, our only goal is to provide you top-quality care that is truly above the rest of the pack. We know injuries take time, but our team of clinical experts get you back on the field reaching peak performance. Not only that, many of our clients report they feel stronger after physical therapy than they did before the injury – which is exactly what we love to hear!

Our difference? We utilized a response-based movement assessment that targets the “root-cause” of your pain and dysfunction. How do we do this? We provide a unique, value-based and outcome driven model of care where patients experience consistent, exceptional care from competent providers. Sport injuries can be nagging and progressively get worse over time if proper movements and strength are not fully restored. We provide individualized and specific home exercises that empower you to understand how to remodel your injury to reduce your pain and reach your goals!


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