Review of Paddleboarding on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis

Minnesota is known as the city of “10K Lakes” because it has more than 10,000 lakes. Minneapolis is one of the towns in Minnesota that accounts for a big portion of these lakes. It is home to The Chain of Lakes, which includes four of the biggest lakes in the city.

The lakes in the Chain of Lakes encompass Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, the Lake of Isles and Cedar Lake. These lakes are connected by paved 13-mile paths you can access by walking, running or riding a bike. All the lakes, except Lake Harriet, are connected by water throughways.

On the Chain of Lakes, you are allowed to ride on the waters with kayaks, sailboats, stand up paddleboats, canoes or any other water craft, but not a motorized boat. The stand up paddleboards (SUPs) are a favorite for many people.

With paddleboards, you won’t just enjoy the water sport, but also get a proper body workout. Paddleboarding, just like kayaking, involves standing on the board. You get good full body workout to help you burn excess calories in summer. That would be a bonus to the fun you would be having with friends and family.

Besides paddleboarding being a fun activity, doing it at Lake Calhoun is memorable for the entire family. Lake Calhoun is the longest of the Chain of Lakes at 3.1 miles long.

Why Paddleboarding is Fun on Lake Calhoun

First, you have enough distance to enjoy paddleboarding on the lake. You may decide to just go round the 3 miles of the lake or tackle the entire chain of lakes. The water crafts required are readily available for rent at the lake at affordable prices. You can get canoes, stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and sailboats.

While paddleboarding, you get to enjoy the scenery at Lake Calhoun. The lake itself is beautiful, not forgetting the beaches and the greenery around it. Migratory birds are known to visit the lakes during different seasons. You can also enjoy seeing other wildlife on the lake as you paddleboard.

Do you love photography? If yes, the lake offers the best nature photography scenery; you can capture great shots with your digital camera while paddleboarding in the lake. Since the waters are still, you can get very nice shots of the water and everything around you, including the wildlife.

You can also swim in the waters of Lake Calhoun. If you love fishing, you are in for a treat. Lake Calhoun is home to many paddleboarding enthusiasts who love doing yoga on their paddleboards. If this is something you would fancy seeing, visit the lake early in the day.

What better way to socialize and make new friends than on a paddleboard, doing 3.1miles. The experience ranges from great to astounding when you have good company to enjoy with. Finally, paddle west of the lake in the evening to catch a glimpse of great city views from your paddleboard.

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