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Whether recovering from orthopedic surgery or dealing with a similar injury, the road to health is littered with obstacles. One of the major ones? Finding the right people to work with.

When you choose Midwest Physical Therapy, you’re getting a team that cares. Our staff is certified to offer professional rehabilitation services, while being trained to always put the patient’s recovery first.

The Process

Our process begins by uncovering the underlying issue leading to orthopedic pain. For post-surgery patients, this means focusing on caring for the wound until you’re ready to strengthen the area.

When working with post-op patients, we start with light manual therapy techniques around the area to draw extra blood flow in. Once the wound is prepared for strengthening, you move at a pace designed to listen and heal your body.

Heavy manual therapy begins once the area has recovered to ensure scar tissue is broken down and full range-of-motion if regained. Through strengthening, scar tissue removal, and a focus on range-of-motion – our Minneapolis specialists will have you feeling better than before the surgery.

For those suffering from orthopedic injuries, our multifaceted approach begins with a combination of manual therapy and strengthening. Once we dial in why you’re having pain, we focus on strengthening the area through progressive exercises while still offering pain relief from day one with manual therapy.

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At Midwest Physical Therapy, we work with nearly all major insurance carriers. We also offer affordable out-of-pocket coverage. We want to help you heal. Our goal is to help you get back to 100% after dealing with orthopedic issues, including post-surgery and injuries.

Every recovery plan one of our physical therapists puts together is solely based on your individual recovery needs. We don’t believe in cookie-cutter therapy. Our plans are designed around research-backed science to ensure you recover as quick as possible.

Stop suffering with orthopedic issues today! Get in touch with the staff here at Midwest Physical Therapy. By working with the premier specialists, you’re sure to be back moving around in no time at all.

A tailor-made recovery plan is just a phone call away! Get in touch today.

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