All About Myofascial Release Treatment Technique

myofascial releasePhysical therapists around the world have found myofascial release techniques to be some of the most effective hands-on treatments available. The techniques were designed to treat myofascial pain syndrome.

The syndrome is chronic and tends to be caused by tightness throughout the myofascial tissues in your body. So, what are these tissues? Well, myofascial tissues surround the muscles all over your body.

They offer a layer of protection, but can cause pain when they become overly tight. These pain points are called trigger points. When you release them with proper treatments, the pain often goes way as the tightness and tension leaves the body.

How Myofascial Release Treatment Technique Works

Now, there’s a little more to myofascial release techniques than attacking trigger points. See, it’s near impossible to reduce local pain by finding the one trigger point that’s causing the issue. Instead, physical therapists must use the treatment over a broad area of tissues to ensure they release the right trigger point.

As a hands on technique, this means lots of time receiving hands-on massage and treatment from your therapist. Often, your therapist will work areas far away from the pain in order to release the tension in the right areas.

For example, if you’re having severe knee pain, your therapist may use myofascial release techniques on your hip flexors to loosen the tension and remove pressure from your knees. Tight hips adds extra pressure to your knees.


The Benefits of Myofascial Release Treatment Technique

One reason physical therapists use myofascial release so much is because it works. But, there’s much more to it than that. Here are just a few of the many benefits of myofascial release:

  • Better Range of Motion: By release tension throughout the body, you’re sure to find a better range of motion. Many times the extra pressure placed on muscles comes from a lack of flexibility. Myofascial release can help that.
  • Increase Blood Flow: Myofascial release has been proven to increase blood flow to the injured area. The knots and tension may be blocking proper blood flow to an area, which can hinder healing . The techniques will get blood back into the painful areas and promote healing.
  • Less Soreness: With better blood flow, the pain and soreness will slowly start to go away. Blood promotes healing and circulation eliminates soreness faster than anything else.
  • Proper Muscle Length: When you have knots in your muscles, there’s a decent chance the muscles have become shortened. This creates imbalances and often leads to more injury. With myofascial release, you can restore normal muscle length.
  • Improves Immune System: Myofascial release treatments can also improve your immune system. The techniques allow the lymph system to flow towards the heart easier.


All About Myofascial Release Treatment Technique

If you’re ready to start healing, speak with us at Midwest Physical Therapy, LLC in Minneapolis about myofascial release treatment techniques. For many, the treatments leads to faster healing times than ever before. Your injury could be a few releases away from perfect health. Next up, learn about muscle energy treatment.