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For many individuals, shoulder pain creeps up and never goes away. Why? Often, it’s because of the rotator cuff. The rotator cuff is a more than just one muscle. It’s a grouping of four major muscles that’s prone to injury when wrong positioning or overtraining occurs.

When you injure one of the four main rotator cuff muscle, it can be tough to heal the injury. The area doesn’t get as much blood flow as other areas of the body, so the recovery process can be slow.

At Midwest Physical Therapy, we know how important shoulder pain treatment can be to getting your life back to normal. When your shoulders hurt, simple everyday tasks can be impossible. It can be difficult to type on a computer screen or nearly impossible to just bring a full glass of water to your mouth.

Some Shoulder Injuries and Conditions We Use Physical Therapy Techniques to Treat:

  • AC Joint Injuries

  • Biceps Tendinitis

  • Rotator cuff tear

  • Clavicle fracture

  • Frozen shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

  • Shoulder impingement

  • Osteoarthritis of the shoulder

  • Postoperative conditions

  • Shoulder Bursitis

  • Shoulder dislocation

  • Shoulder labral tear

  • Total shoulder replacement (arthroplasty)

Our shoulder pain treatments revolve around offering you immediate relief through manual therapy techniques. Our therapists manually dig into your shoulders and draw extra blood flow to the area, while scar tissue is broken up.

While this may sound painful, you’re bound to see pain drastically decrease after your first session. Once manual therapy reduces your pain, we begin strengthening the rotator cuff through progressive exercises designed to increase range of motion and provide healing.

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Our Minneapolis clinic offers affordable pricing, payment plans, and we work with a majority of the major insurance providers. If you’re looking for shoulder pain treatment that heals, we’ve got you covered.

Our staff is professional certified to provide pain relief and recovery. Whether you’re suffering from pain after sleeping, tightness, numbness, tingling, rotator cuff issues, and more – we are here to get you comfortable and healthy, again.

Stop wasting your money on pain medications and random injections that don’t heal your shoulder pain. Instead, give us a call today. Our shoulder pain treatments in Minneapolis are designed to offer immediate relief. We’ll have your shoulder feeling better before you leave the first session. (Click here for more info)

Why? Because we focus on true healing. We find the underlying cause of your shoulder pain and use proven treatments that get results. With science-based methodology, we’ll have you healthier than ever before.

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