Injuries & Conditions We Treat

neck injury

Neck Pain

A stiff or painful neck can hinder your life every single day. Stop suffering and start a physical therapy program designed to eliminate neck pain at breakneck speed.

back injury

Back Pain

When you’re suffering from back pain, even the slightest movement can cause drastic pain. Our professional physical therapists our experts at managing and relieving back pain for patients of all ages.

shoulder injury

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can cause simple daily tasks, like typing on a computer, to be excruciating. If you’re suffering from rotator cuff injuries, our expert staff can help you heal quickly.

knee injuries

Hip/Knee Pain

Hip and knee pain has become increasingly common. Our expert physical therapists design programs to ensure you can move without pain or worry.

foot injury

Ankle/Foot Pain

You deserve to walk without any pain. At Midwest Physical Therapy, we help you work through ankle and foot pain until you’re moving around pain-free, again

wrist injury

Elbow/Wrist Pain

Your wrist and elbows are an integral part of your active daily or professional life. Don’t suffer because of common conditions that can be treated.

Inevitably, we all experience bouts of pain that affects our ability to function and overall quality of life. Pain is often the physical manifestation of underlying biomechanical imbalances and overuse syndromes that progress over time. It can also be the result of an acute injury.

Our clinical staff of physical therapists work with you to understand the true etiology of your injury and empower you to break the cycle that keeps your pain coming back.

Although pain medication and injections help reduce pain, they are often needed as the result of mismanaged and/or misdiagnosed orthopedic conditions. Powerful anti-inflammatory medication/injections or systemic oral pain medications are too often symptomatic relief, as opposed to curative to addressing the underlying cause of pain/inflammation.

Chiropractic treatment typically provides short-term pain relief and a pattern of patient dependency. Although joint manipulation is often therapeutic and beneficial, often it is not a complete intervention. Our clinical staff prides itself in empowering YOU to better manage your pain, without long-term pain medication dependency and the need for months and months of care!

Orthopedic treatment for both spinal and extremity pain is extremely variable and inconsistent. Our treatment methodology and experience offers a complete understanding and course of management to eliminate pain and dysfunction conservatively. If we can’t fix it, we will refer you to the appropriate place to get you feeling better, fast!

Our treatment approach for neck and low back pain incorporates an eclectic approach to mechanical diagnosis and treatment to help stabilize the intervertebral discs. Individuals with neck and back pain are often at varying places on the spectrum of disc degeneration, bulging and desiccation. That’s why a cookie cutter methodology or approach that is “one size fits all” does not effectively work. Don’t be mislead by treatment approaches that promise the world and leave you in a state of dependency.

The secret to the difference in the clinical care you can expect at Midwest Physical Therapy goes to the core of who we are and how our providers are trained. The true difference is in the HOW in application of manual therapy and progressive exercise from your physical therapist. Don’t be just another number at a large scale, fast paced clinic, but experience real improvement with individualized care that makes a measurable difference!

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