What is Chronic Back Pain?

A lot of research has been done to answer questions related to severe and persistent pain that sometimes result in patients being bedridden. Chronic back pain can last for three to six months, a cause for alarm. Back pains affect different parts of the back. Here are the most common chronic back pains:

Top 3 Types of Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain can be classified into three major categories: upper back pain, middle back pain, and lower back pain. The pain can be as a result of spine injury touching on muscles, joints, nerves and/or bones. An infection of internal organs such as kidneys, aorta, pancreas, and gallbladder may also lead to chronic back pain.

  1. Upper Back Pain

Chronic pain on the upper back is often experienced in the area near the shoulder line. A severe injury from an accident or collision is the main cause of chronic back pain. Exposure prolonged poor posture, improper lifting techniques, and upper back overuse can also cause chronic pain on the upper back.

The pain is a reflex action of the possible exposure subjected to your upper back, irritating your muscles or causing your joints to dysfunction. With proper diagnosis and the root cause of the pain pointed out, it can be treated. However, upper back chronic pain be elusive. If the pain goes untreated for prolonged duration, the results can be fatal.

  1. Middle Back Pain

Middle back pain is also known as thoracic pain. Sometimes, it can be hard to differentiate lower back pain from an upper back pain. In most cases, any pain above your rib cage can be termed as middle back pain.

Just like upper back pain, it can be as a result of muscle strain and muscle/ligament/spine discs injury. Poor posture and/or high pressure exertion on the spinal nerves can also cause chronic pain on the middle back.

At times, there is a need for an x-ray to determine the root cause of middle back pain. With a fractured vertebra, treatment can be in vain if the exact location of the fracture is not detected. However, the pain can be treated easily with proper medication. But, as mentioned, the pain can be fatal if the cause is not identified.

  1. Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a sensation experienced in the lumbar area. The pain is common as the lumbar area is often subjected to weight from the upper body. Persistent, chronic pain requires medical examination as the condition can be fatal.

Injured joints, muscles, ligaments or discs are possible indications of inflammation in the lower back area, which can result in severe and chronic pain. Untreated injury in the pelvic area is also a leading cause of chronic lower back pain.

Short rest periods, heat/ice therapy, activity modification and use of over-the-counter pain relievers can help manage chronic back pain.


Chronic back pain requires immediate medical attention. Although strong painkillers can help in pain management, the cause should be determined because chronic back pain could be an indicator of gallbladder diseases, cancer or other known fatal internal infections.

Non-pharmacological therapy and prescribed medication can effectively manage and treat back pain.

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