6 Causes of Neck Pain You Must Know

There’s a million and one ways to hurt your neck. The causes of neck pain are plentiful, but solutions can be tough to implement. Why? Because the cause has to be dialed in and diagnosed before any treatment can be effective.

Luckily, that’s are job. As physical therapists, we’re training to dial in on what might be causing your pain and then help you fix it. Our only goal is to get your neck healthy again in no time. Pain-free living is a worthy goal.

neck pain causes

Here’s a few causes of neck pain:

Now, before you come see us a visit, let’s see if we can find out why your neck hurts. Here are seven of the most common causes of neck pain you must know:

  • Repetitive Motions: If you turn your head repetitively, then there’s a good chance you could develop neck pain from these motions. Activities that offer repeated head motions like swimming and dancing are often culprits.
  • Sleep Position: Many times we hurt are neck when sleeping. This is a surprising cause of neck pain for many suffering. Luckily, this should go away over the course of a few days – unless you’re unable to switch your sleep position.
  • Whiplash: One of the worst causes for neck pain is whiplash. If you get in a car crash or suffer a blunt force injury, whiplash can occur. These injuries can even cause spinal damage down the back. If you’re suffering from whiplash, see a medical professional immediately.
  • Sports Injury: If you’ve been injured during sports or while lifting weights, it should come as no surprise that the neck could hurt. Often, when you have a neck injury from sports, the pain will radiate down the side of your body and arm. These injuries often require physical therapy.
  • Bad Posture: One surprising cause of neck pain? Poor posture. Many individuals develop poor posture and neck pain from looking at a screen too long. Whether it be looking down at their smartphone or tilting forward to work on the computer, the posture suffers and pain results.
  • Weird Head Positions: Some people are on the phone all day everyday. They hold the phone between their shoulder and ear without any hands. Then a few months down the road they develop neck pain. This isn’t a surprise. Holding the head in a weird position for extended periods of time is never healthy.

Neck Pain 101

So, there you have it. Everything your need to know about neck pain causes. If you’re suffering, the absolute best thing to do is see a medical professional and go from there. There’s no reason you have to live with neck pain any longer.  Learn more about common neck pain symptoms here.

If you’re ready to get healthy as soon as can be, a physical therapy program may be just what the doctor ordered. Proper strengthening of the neck muscles will lead to pain going away and a healthier overall life. Click here to learn more about how we can help.