Best Physical Therapy Schools in Minneapolis, MN

Getting the best school to study any course is important because it determines the quality of the education you get, your transition to the job market and how well you will even perform in your career.

Medical courses are even more demanding and require a school that is accredited by the relevant bodies. A physical therapist course is no different.

If you are looking to get the best physical therapy schools in Minneapolis, MN, read on. Here are best two physical therapy schools in Minneapolis and why they are ranked better than all the others:

Top 2 Physical Therapy Schools in Minneapolis

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is one of the oldest and most trusted in Minneapolis. The Physical Therapy department was started way back in 1941, giving the institution over 75 years of knowledge transfer and training on physical therapy.

The university has had a 100% job placement of their graduates. This is an impressive success rate, meaning you are assured of a job right after school. Learning at the University of MN is also affordable compared to other institutions offering the same course.

Education quality is not compromised because the university only accepts a class of 50. Individualized learning and small group study settings are the norm here. You also get access to major resources in the university such as anatomy facilities and web-integrated course materials, not forgetting that the university is a major research facility.

The degree conferred is Doctor of Physical Therapy, DPT, which is offered in 36 months, with 40 weeks of clinical practice and 141 total credit hours.

St. Catherine University

The St. Catherine University also confers the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree to its students or the physical therapist Assistant associate degree. The DPT program is offered in 33 months, with 40 weeks of practice and a total of 118 credit hours. The PTA program, on the other hand, takes 36 months, with 18 weeks of practice amounting to 66 credit hours.

Studying physical therapy at St. Catherine University is a little bit more expensive than in many other schools. The success rate of finding a job after graduating is at 92% for the DPT program and 85% for the PTA program.

Learning at St. Catherine University is fun, with a modern and vibrant medical environment. The curriculum is innovative and the classes are smaller in size at only 35 students. Moreover, there is students are engaged in academic research, enhancing their understanding of physical therapy.

Levels of Study

There are three levels of study for physical therapy. The first one allows you to operate as a physical therapist after receiving a graduate degree from an accredited institution. Such a degree usually culminates to a doctoral degree.

You can also attain a master’s degree in Physical therapy and eventually a PhD in Physical therapy. Most states, towns and municipalities require graduates to obtain a license to practice as a physical therapist, and so is Minneapolis. You can learn more at our Minneapolis location here.

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