3 Great Burger Places to Eat at in Minneapolis for Lunch

The love Americans have for their burgers goes without saying. A recent survey showed that most Americans get their nutrients from burgers on a day to day basis. Burgers are also loved because of how customizable they can be. You can have onions, tomatoes, pickles, mayonnaise, ketchup, beef, chicken, bacon or vegetables in your burger.

The other reason why Americans love their burgers so much is because you can easily have one on the go, at a picnic, on a date and while having a beer. The options with burgers are endless. If you want to enjoy burgers in Minneapolis, here are some of the best places you can try:

Top 3 Burger Joints in Minneapolis

1. Red Cow Minneapolis

The Red Cow Minneapolis is known as the home of gourmet burgers. Their burgers cost anywhere from $10 to about $15. The burgers are made using high quality certified Angus beef. Most people will agree that the quality of beef used in making a burger is of utmost importance, for it to be classified as a gourmet.

Besides the beef, the buns are freshly baked and the toppings made using fresh, organic ingredients. Some of the burgers you should try here include the Ultimate, Mushroom-Swiss, 60-40, Manhattan, Blended and French onion. Red Cow is located at 3624 W 50th street, Drew Avenue, Minneapolis, MN.

2. Matt’s Bar

Matt’s Bar is popular for its Jucy Lucy, a burger they invented and make. The burger lives up to its reputation for many people who try it out. Matt’s Bar is also affordable, with the Jucy Lucy going for only $7.50. A hamburger goes for only $4 while a cheese burger will cost you $4.50.

The ambience at Matt’s Bar is cozy. You can enjoy craft beers and international beers here as well. Other bites include French fries, grilled cheese and chicken sandwich, among other delicacies.

3. Burger Jones

Burger Jones is a restaurant and a cocktail bar. The beef used to make burgers here is freshly cut and never frozen, atop being special only to the restaurant. The burgers are hand-pattied. Sit near the entrance to watch your burgers being made. They are also pressed once on the grill.

Buns used are also made in-house; you can choose either a thin or gluten free bun for your burger. There are so many toppings to choose from; some are free while others come with a little “fine” as they call it here.

Some of the toppings you will be fined for include: apple wood smoked bacon, chicken fried bacon, turkey bacon, deli sliced ham, sliced avocado, smoked ketchup, fried cheese curds, onion rings and so many more. If you happen to visit Burger Jones, don’t forget to try the buffalo burger, the hangover burger or the white trash burger.

There are many other amazing places in Minneapolis with great burgers, including MyBurger, 5-8 Club, The Blue Door Pub Longfellow, Hell’s Kitchen, Manny’s Steakhouse, Murray’s, Revival, and Hen House Eatery, among others.

All these restaurants serve awesome burgers, but make a choice based on your personal taste and preferences.

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