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Accurate Diagnosis

Get an accurate and complete diagnosis from doctors of physical medicine. Our clinical experts have ample experience and training to empower you to understand and self manage your pain.

Immediate Pain Relief

Physical therapy can often be confused with mundane and boring exercise training. Our unique treatment methodology strives to give you immediate pain relief and improved functional performance with innovative and cutting edge techniques.

Proven Results

Midwest PT’s treatment methodology has been proven to work for a wide range of individuals. From those who suffer from chronic pain, opioid dependency, injections, and surgery to professional and world class athletes looking to peak their performance.

Sports Medicine

Recovering from sports injuries doesn’t have to be difficult. With a Minneapolis PT clinic dedicated to getting you back playing again, you’ll recover faster than ever before.

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Pain Management

Pain and injuries don’t have to be part of your day-to-day life. With treatment designed to relieve pain without pills, your body will feel better – sooner than later.

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Our orthopedic treatment methodology and experience offers a complete understanding and course of management to eliminate pain and dysfunction conservatively.

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The Twin Cities’ Professional Pain Management & PT Clinic

neck injury

Neck Pain

A stiff or painful neck can hinder your life every single day. Stop suffering and start a physical therapy program designed to eliminate neck pain at breakneck speed.

back injury

Back Pain Treatment

When you’re suffering from back pain, even the slightest movement can cause drastic pain. Our professional physical therapists our experts at managing and relieving back pain for patients of all ages.

shoulder injury

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can cause simple daily tasks, like typing on a computer, to be excruciating. If you’re suffering from rotator cuff injuries, our expert staff can help you heal quickly.

knee injuries

Hip/Knee Pain

Hip and knee pain has become increasingly common. Our expert physical therapists design programs to ensure you can move without pain or worry.

foot injury

Ankle/Foot Pain

You deserve to walk without any pain. At Midwest Physical Therapy, we help you work through ankle and foot pain until you’re moving around pain-free, again

wrist injury

Elbow/Wrist Pain

Your wrist and elbows are an integral part of your active daily or professional life. Don’t suffer because of common conditions that can be treated.

One-of-a-Kind Physical Therapy in Minneapolis

  • Proven results to ensure you stay injury-free

  • Affordable rehabilitative care, even without insurance

  • You’re covered. Midwest Physical Therapy accepts most major insurance plans.

Your health is your choice. Here at Midwest Physical Therapy, we strive to be the premier Minneapolis PT clinic. How? By offering you accurate diagnoses, immediate pain relief, and proven results. Our practice is based upon the latest scientific research to ensure you reach your full potential faster.

We work with all major health insurance providers to ensure you’re covered. Even if you don’t have health insurance coverage, we offered affordable care out-of-pocket. As we strive to help people feel better physically, we want to work with as many Twin Cities residents as possible. As such, we offer a variety of payment options and plans to ensure financial pains never hinder your injury recovery.

Experienced Physical Therapists Who Care About Your Recovery

  • The Minneapolis PT Clinic You Need

  • Safe, Effective Physical Therapy

  • Guaranteed Pain Relief

Following an evidence-based, one-of-a-kind approach, our patients get back to doing what they love – ASAP. Our goal is to always put the patient first and find solutions that work for your pain relief. As such, we offer solutions to aid your recovery from a plethora of injuries and ailments. If your pain requires specialty treatment, we can fix it.

Stop searching and get in touch with our staff at Midwest Physical Therapy. Pain relief is just one phone call away. Stop masking your pain with pills and start healing your body. Top-quality clinical physical therapy is available in the Twin Cities. Your road to no more pain starts here.

Our 5 Star Patient Reviews

5 star reviews

Caleb has done a better job than I could have hoped for. After years of shoulder pain and taking increasing amounts of pain medications, I convinced myself I would always have this pain. Now I have full motion and am back to work with no pain!

Jason G.

After several weeks of neck pain that started to go down my arm I was desperate for a solution to avoid surgery. Then my back went out and I was having shooting pains down my leg. After treatment with Caleb I avoided surgery and cancelled an epidural injection and within 2 weeks my pain was almost entirely gone. I was amazed and am so grateful. I send all my family and friends here!

Shelli W.

I came to Caleb dreading the thought that I may need back surgery to improve the quality of my life. With Caleb’s hands on approach and cutting edge philosophy, that is no longer an option. He worked diligently to understand the underlying causes of my injuries and pain. I trust his expertise and did what he asked of me. My family thanks him for improving not only my health but how I can function at home as a mother and wife.

Johanna R.

After being in a car accident and injuring my back I was sure I was going to need surgery. Pain medications, injections and months of chiropractic treatment and massages barely made a difference. After less than 2 months of treatment with Caleb I am now back at work and am pain free. Thank you Midwest Physical Therapy!

Muhammud T.

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